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Military Vehicle Spares

Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Spares
1/4 ton: M38, M38Al, Ml5lA2, CJ Series Jeep
3/4 ton: M37, CUCCV, M715
1 1/4 ton: M998
2 1/2 ton Trucks: M34, M35, M35Al, M35A2, M36, M211, M602
5 ton Trucks: M52, M54, M55, M62, M543, M809, M939 Series

Combat Vehicle Spares (Tracked and Wheeled)
M113 Family of Vehicles, Leopard
M107, M108, M109, M110, M578 Self Propelled Howitzers
M24 Chaffee, M41 Bulldog, M46, M47 Patton, M48, M60, M728
LVTP-5 and LVTP-7
M1 Abrams, M2/M3 Bradley, MLRS
V-100 and V-150 COMMANDO

Over the last 8 years, Noble Eagle Engineering, Inc. has earned worldwide respect as a leading supplier of high quality spare parts and assemblies for a wide range of combat and tactical military vehicles for use in the Humvee deployment program and to Defense Forces for many other programs around the world. Unique procurement support, continuously updated purchase records and accessible sales history allow us to quickly locate virtually any part in your requirements. Through extensive global contacts and our growing proprietary library of spare parts facilities, we are able to fulfill your needs with the quality, craftsmanship and carefully managed costs that all work to your advantage.

Ground Support. Noble Eagle keeps flight maintenance programs running efficiently by offering essential ground support equipment.
Cargo Loading Systems
Maintenance Tools and Stands

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