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F-16 Wing Fittings
On every F-16 Fighting Falcon, there are 16 wing fittings used to attach both wings to the fuselage.

Each wing fitting is machined from a single block of aluminum, on a CNC vertical machining center. Critical contours are maintained by the custom program.
F-5 Gun Gas Deflectors
Application - This gun gas deflector is mounted on a U.S. made fighter aircraft. The function of this assembly is to direct the exhaust gases of a firing gun away from the aircraft.

Materials / Processes - Subject to high vibration, shock loads and temperature extremes, the deflector is manufactured from a high strength steel casting, machined to close tolerances. Bearings, a shaft and rod ends are added to the assembly. Non-destructive testing and painting complete the assembly. To ensure product reliability, each gun gas deflector is thoroughly inspected and documented according to Hill's MIL-I-45208 inspection system.
Speed Brake Assembly
Application - The speedbrake assembly is used to slow down a military jet aircraft after landing. Hydraulically actuated after touchdown, the speedbrake increases air resistance and slows the aircraft.

Materials / Processes - Made from a magnesium/aluminum casting, the assembly is machined to exact aerospace tolerances. Bearings, brackets and lubrication fittings are installed. Penetrant inspection, anodizing, primer, and painting according to precise military specifications complete the assembly.

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