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 Aircraft Hydraulics

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C-5 Hydraulic Manifold Assembly
Critical hydraulic component for the main landing gear system of largest aircraft in the US Air Force, the C-5 Galaxy. This rotation valve manifold assembly controls the direction of hydraulic pressure for rotation purposes.

Complex machined housing from aluminum alloy forging, anodized and painted. Assembled with valves, pins, caps, sleeves, plugs, screws, etc. The final assembly undergoes a hydraulic "Final Acceptance Test" before shipment to customer.
KC-135 Dampener Assembly
This Flutter Dampener is an integral component of the KC-135 Aircraft flight control system, and aids the pilot by dampening oscillations on the aircraft flight control surfaces.

A hydraulic assembly with an aluminum alloy housing, steel piston assembly, with rod ends Overall length is 24" and 6" in width. The final assembly undergoes a hydraulic "Final Acceptance Test" before shipment to customer.
UH-60 Damper Rod Assembly
Internal piston assembly of the main rotor blade dampener assembly used on the Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter.

Precisely machined from a single rod of high strength steel. Hardware is installed and each unit is hydraulically tested before final acceptance.
UH-1 Dampener Assembly
Application - Used on several Bell Helicopter models, both commercial and military. The damper is mounted on the helicopter drive mast, below the main rotor blades. During flight maneuvers, this hydraulic assembly dampens the oscillations of the helicopter main rotor blades, thus reducing vibrations in the cabin.

Aluminum housing and end covers, machined to precise aerospace tolerances. Internal machined components consist of a wingshaft, spool, piston and reservoir. Each damper is assembled and hydraulically tested to military inspection standards. The damper is fully flight qualified, with an operating temp. range of -65 deg. F to +225 deg. F.

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