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 Project Management

Quality is Total Customer Satisfaction

As we see it, there's only one way to satisfy our customers: by focusing on quality, delivery and follow up. That's why we've established QMS: the Logistical Support Quality Management System.

We start by verifying all aspects of the project prior to the bidding process. Then, once a purchase order has been issued, we set up detailed work orders in our automated production control management system. This is where we spell out all the steps necessary to finish the project, and establish points at which our quality assurance specialists will conduct in-progress inspections to make sure the project maintains absolute conformance to specifications. Along the way, our configuration control staff is there to stay on top of it all.

The end result to this focus on delivery and quality is total customer satisfaction. But don't take that to mean we're ever satisfied. Throughout every project, we review every step of our fulfillment process, looking for more efficient ways to supply parts. And whenever we uncover a way to do things better, you can be sure we incorporate it.

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