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 Aircraft Spares

Aircraft Spares for the CF-18, CP-140, P3, CC-130 & Buffalo

Our product line includes everything from small machine components to complex assemblies, while our areas of expertise include aircraft hydraulics, landing gear, engine parts, structural assemblies and drive systems. Our engineers are familiar not only with commonly used aircraft construction materials such as aluminum, but with the more exotic materials such as: inconel, hastelloy and titanium, to name a few.

We have sourced and continue to procure a wide range of spare parts. This is particularly impressive when you consider that many of the products we supply are flight critical. The parts we ship, in other words, absolutely have to work; lives depend on it, and anything less than perfection is unacceptable.

To date, we've delivered thousands of parts without a single discrepancy. Not surprisingly, our list of satisfied customers is anything but short. It includes the Australian Air Force Logistics Centers, the U.S. Army Flight Training facility in Fort Rucker, Alabama and several other foreign governments operating a diversity of military aircraft. We also provide products and services to a number of commercial clients, including Boeing, The California Department of Forestry Aviation Management Division and Goodrich Corporation.

Here are some of the engine spares we can offer you

Aircraft & Helicopter SparesL- I 00 (All models)
Allison 250, 501, T-56Lockheed C-130 Hercules
Bell 47 Model SeriesLockheed C130 Hercules (all models)
Bell 206 and Hughes 500Lycoming T-55, T-53
Bell (205, 206, 212, 214, 412)Pratt Whitney J-52, J9-3D, PT
Boeing Chinook CH47Rotor Blades
Boeing CH47 ChinookUH-1 Series for Bell 204, 205, 212
F18 AircraftAND MANY MORE!

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